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School St. Joseph's Teacher Training Institute, Mananthavady
സെൻറ്. ജോസഫ് ടി.ടി.ഐ, മാനന്തവാടി


St. Joseph’s TTI is the only teacher training center of the Corporate Educational Agency, under the Diocese of Mananthavady. The training department of this institution is functioning under the direct control and supervision of respected Corporate manager, Fr. Sijo Elamkunnapuzha.Mr.Benny K J is the principal. 5 teachers and 2 non-teaching staff members are working in the training department. At present a total of 51 student teachers are studying in this institution, 26 in the first year and 25 in the second year. All kinds of physical facilities provided by NCERT and excellent learning environment have made this institution, the best training center in Wayanad district. Corporate manager, Fr. Sijo Elamkunnapuzha is gratefully remembered for the upliftment of the institution.

                     SCHOOL HISTORY

St. Joseph's TTI Mananthavady, established in 1963 under the Diocese of Thalassery, is an important milestone in the educational history of Malabar. Being the first teacher training center in Diocese, this institution has always contributed to the overall development of Malabar. Considering the educational backwardness of Mananthavady, Rev. Fr. George Kazhikachalil secured the LP school which was functioning under the CSI Church. That time the name of the school was St.George Elementary Aided School. Initially there were 1st and 2nd standard classes. Later, classes 3, 4 and 5 were added in the consecutive years. With the approval of the Madras Government, LP was raised as UP school, and in 1963, the Teacher Training center was started. The name then was St. Joseph's Basic Training School. With the stablishment of the Diocese of Mananthavady in 1973, the school has came under the same.

The first Principal of the Teacher Training Center was Sr. Thressiamma P J (1963-1967)followed by Fr. A Chacko (1967-1969), Mr. M K Ulahannan (1969-1971), Mrs. V C Suseela(1971-1987), Mr. T M Varkey (1987-1991), Mr. K A Antony (1991-1999), Mr. Baby Kurian(1999-2000), Sr. M D Annamma (2000-2003), Sr. A M Mariyakutty (2003-2004), Mr. M C Vincent (2004-2013), Mrs. Mersamma Thomas (2013-2016), Mr. T T Sunny (2016-2018),Mr. John M K (2018-2020) and Mrs. Shemaly Philip (2020-2021), Mrs. Annamma M Antony (2021-2023),  Mrs.Mariya Chandini Joseph (2023-2024),now Mr K J Benny  continues as Principal from June 3,2024.

                          REGARDING ADMISSION

From the academic year 2018-2019, the curriculum of the TTC course has been revised to 4 semesters and the name of the course has been changed to D. El .Ed.(Diploma in Elementary Education).50% marks in plus two is the basic qualification to apply for D. El. Ed. Admission is done to 25 seats every year.Presently 50% seats are given on general merit and 50% seats on community merit. Out of this, the seats are divided as 40%, 40% and 20% for science, humanities and commerce subjects respectively. Application for admission should be submitted along with the Government notification. The Corporate Manager is vested with the power to decide admissions on the basis of Community Merit.

സ്ഥാപിതം 1963
സ്കൂൾ കോഡ്15701
സ്കൂൾ വിഭാഗംപൊതു വിദ്യാലയം
ആകെ വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾ51
ആകെ അധ്യാപകർ6
മാനേജർFr. Sijo Elamkunnapuzha
പ്രധാന അദ്ധ്യാപകൻMr. K. J. Benny
പി.ടി.ഏ. പ്രസിഡണ്ട്Mr. Jose P Joseph
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