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The Emergence and Development of the Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Mananthavady

 The history of Wayanad is inextricably related to the history of migration. In spite of many barriers like malaria, plague, blood-curdling colds, and empty stomachs due to poverty, a generation fought to shape and set today's Wayanad. The formation of the Corporate Educational Agency is the result of the efforts made by the Diocese of Mananthavady to support the educational dreams of the children, with a strong desire to not leave the migrated people's sufferings and difficulties for future generations. The Corporate Educational Agency was established and started its formal operations on June 26, 1980.


The educational dreams of the migrant population have been given birth by the many schools under the Corporate Education Agency, Diocese of Mananthavady. Schools under the diocese have been and are working very efficiently to weave a culture along with the basic education of Wayanad. Founded four decades ago, the Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Mananthavady has always strived to give wings to the dreams of a people who have fought against wild animals and adverse climates and to open avenues of knowledge to the wider world

 The 42 years of ardent activities, which have carried out the best practices and innovative ideas according to the needs of the times, have shed light on many generations. After four decades of this journey of knowledge, today more than twenty-five thousand students are studying in 44 schools, and 758 teachers and 69 non-teachers are serving under the Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Mananthavdy. State- and national-level recognitions are achieved by the schools through activities aimed at the holistic development of students.

The Corporate Educational Agency was built by the dreams and tireless efforts of many experts from the beginning. With the approval of DPI and the Corporate Educational Agency, the Diocese of Mananthavady started in a single room attached to the Bishop's House. Then the management had one teacher training institute, four high schools, nine U.P. schools, and seven L.P. schools under the agency. Msgr. Fr. Thomas Moolakkunnel, the then Vicar General, was appointed as the first corporate manager by Bishop Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, the first bishop of the diocese. Under his leadership, with precise planning and hard work, the path for the comprehensive development of the schools was paved.It was evident that his career span of seven years gave a new impetus to schools under the Corporate Educational Agency. 

Fr. Joseph Nechikkattu was appointed as the second corporate manager in 1987. During this time, two schools, Saint Joseph's High School, Kallody, and Ambayathod A.U.P. School, started functioning under the Corporate Educational Agency. There were productive and instrumental developments that could happen during his tenure, which ended in 1992.

For five years, from 1992 to 1997, Fr. Thomas Joseph Therakam was appointed as the corporate manager. He established a regulatory framework for appointments, transfers, and publication of the seniority of teachers and non-teaching staff. He took the initiative to establish the Co-operative Society and the Campus Ministry.Fr. Augustine Nilakkapally was appointed in 1997–98 as the corporate manager. It was at this time that higher secondary schools were started with the aim of providing higher education to students who had completed the 10th standard. St. Catherine's Higher Secondary School, Payyampally, was started in 1998, and later in 2000, St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Kallody, also started functioning.

From 2002 to 2005, Fr. Jose Kocharakal and, from 2005 to 2008, Fr. Mathai Pallichamkudy also became the corporate managers. Under the leadership of both of them, many activities were designed and implemented for the academic and physical growth of the schools. Through school visits, the relationship between teachers and students became warmer, and projects aimed at school progress were initiated through innovative schemes.

From 2008 to 2014, Fr. Robin Vadakancherry served as the corporate manager. It was during this period that the Corporate Educational Agency took new steps in using innovative technologies. The website, portal I.D., online administration, etc. started during this time. The new buildings for Christ the King L.P. School Manimooly and St. Antony School Porur were built at this time. In the academic year 2011-12, a new toilet block and a multimedia room were constructed in St. Sebastians U.P. School, Kommayad. Many renovations were done at Assumption U.P. School, Sulthan Bathery.

In 2014, Fr. John Ponparakal handled the position of corporate manager. A new building with modern facilities for the corporate office was constructed and started functioning during his service time, which lasted until June 2020. Under his guidance and supervision, many schools were built, like St. Thomas L. P. School in Arinchermala; St. Sebastian's U. P. School in Padichira; St. Anthony's U. P. School, Pazhoor; and St. Thomas U. P. School in Thavinjal. And also renovated A. L. P. School, Kaniyaram. Toilet Block for St. Mary's U.P. School, Thariyod, third floor of the St.Joseph T. T. I. Mananthavady also constructed The construction of the buildings of Fr. G.K. M. Higher Secondary School, Kaniyaram, and Christ the King Higher Secondary School, Manimooly, was completed during this period.

On June 27, 2020, Fr. Sijo Elamkunnapuzha was appointed as the ninth manager of the Corporate Educational Agency. For proper deductive purposes, we started websites for all the schools and a YouTube channel with teachers' classes to facilitate online learning for students during the COVID-19 era and to share the excellence of the schools. C- SMILES is the online platform to enrich the talents of students, which was launched during the COVID era to promote extracurricular activities in online mode. C- SMILES is an acronym for Corporate Educational Agency Students Movement in Learning with Enjoyment and Sharing. The C- SMILES e-magazine was also instituted, including the major activities of schools and the creative writings of both students and teachers, as there was no medium to express the talents and events held at schools. This e-magazine compiles each month's content based on various themes and conducts many competitions through this platform. And also started in-service training programmes for teachers.
The high-tech buildings constructed for St. Thomas U.P. School Idivanna, St. Joseph's High School, Kallody, St. Joseph's High School, Adackathod, St. Thomas U.P. School Mullankolly, St. Martin's L.P. School Ondayangady, and St. Mary's U.P. School, Kabanigiri.

Following the High Court verdict based on the Child Rights Commission's report, asbestos roofing in school buildings is causing ill health for students. St. Sebastian's L. P. School Elapeetika, St. Mary's U. P. School Thariyod, St. Sebastian's L. P. School Vazhavatta, St. Catherine's High School Payyampally, Fr. G. K. M. High School Kaniyaram, St. Thomas High School Nadavayal, St. Paul's L. P. School Puthiyidamkunnu, Devamatha L. P. School Adikkolly, and Nirmala High School Kabanigiri were re-roofed and the physical conditions were improved.

New building for  St. Sebastian's Pre-Primary School Section, Poroor; new office building for Devmatha L. P. School Adikkolly; reconstruction of the staff room and stage of A.U. P. School Dwaraka; reconstruction of St. Anthony's U.P. School, Kottathara; St. Paul's L. P. School Puthiyidamkunnu; new kitchen for I. J. M. H.S. Kottiyur. Reconstruction of CKHS, Maimooly, tiling works at Amabayathode L.P. School and Amabayathde U.P. School, and desks and benches for the students at around 15 schools have been done. The interlocking of the courtyards of St.George L.P. School, Kolavayal, St. Sebastian's U.P. School, Kommayad, and St.Paul's L.P. School, Puthiyidamkunnu, was completed. Toilet complex construction in St.Catherine's HSS, Payyampally, and the painting of the schools in the same manner for uniformity has been completed.

The Schools under the Corporate Educational Agency

1. St. Sebastian's LP School Poroor

St. Sebastian's LP School, Poroor, is the result of the hard work and dedication of the migrant people of the Kattimoola region to guide their young generation to the initials of knowledge. This small arm of knowledge was founded by Fr. E. Braganza on June 17, 1957, and was transferred to Thalassery Diocese in 1958. The school continues to shine as a beacon of education in this area. The present school building was constructed in 2000. In 2021, the roof was replaced, and renovations were carried out. Construction of the building for the pre-primary section is in progress.

2. St. Paul's L. P. School, Puthiyadomkunnu

It has been 43 years since St. Paul's L.P. School opened its doors to students. The school started in 1976, and the founder and manager was Fr. Joseph Memana. There are four teachers and 69 students now. The building of this school was renovated in 2022.

3. St. Martin's L. P. School, Ondayangady

The school was started on May 26, 1976, with five classrooms. Fr. Sebastian Palakkeel was the first manager of the school. The school merged with the Corporate Education Agency in 1985. The school received permanent recognition in 1986. During that time, Fr. Joseph Nandikattu was the school manager. The school building was renovated in 2020 and 2022 according to the needs of the time. On September 12, 2023, Bishop Mar Jose Porunnedom blessed the newly constructed, high-tech building of the school.

4. Providence L. P. School, Vellunny

Established in 1982 at Vellunni, Kelakam Panchayat, Kappad Village, Thalassery Taluk, this school has taught students the lessons of knowledge for four decades. The infrastructure of this school will be improved in 2023. There are four teachers, including the headmistress, and ten students are studying at present.

5. St. Sebastian's A. L. P. School Vazavatta

The school once stood out as the educational icon of this village, which was established in 1983. This institution has been the place of wisdom for more than three and a half decades. Fr. Francis Valalil was the first manager of the school.
In 2020, the infrastructure of the school was improved, the roof was replaced, and the renovated classrooms were handed over on June 28, 2022. 24 students are studying in this educational centre under the guidance of four teachers.

6. St. Thomas L. P. School, Nadavayal 

In 1948, the school was established to fulfill the educational dreams of the people of Nadavayal. After the school was approved in 1950, on the 10th of July, the then school manager, Fr. James Nazareth, inaugurated the institution. A staff room was constructed during 2019–20, and a new classroom was constructed during 2020–22.

7. C. K. L. P. School Manimooly

In 1954, Christ King Lower Primary School started functioning under the leadership of Mr. Albert Rovaria, who was the headmaster. In 1967, the school was merged with the Education Agency of the Diocese of Thalassery. Later, in 1980, the school was merged with the Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Mananthavady, and the then manager was Fr. Leander. Due to its age, there were discussions about reconstructing the building, and in 2012, a new building was constructed for the school.

8. St. George A. L. P. School, Kolavayal

Established on June 5, 1976, with the blessings of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, Bishop of the Diocese of Mananthavady, this school has been functioning for 46 years with the aim of moulding and educating new generations to have a decisive impact on the educational and intellectual growth of the Kolavayal region. There are 71 students and six teachers at this institution. Fr. Benvanot Elavathumkal was the first manager when the school was merged under the Corporate Educational Agency in 1988. During the academic year 2020–21, the school was renovated and refurnished.

9. A. L.P. School Kaniyaram

The school started functioning as a one-teacher school in June 1949 under the leadership of Gopalan Master with 68 students in its first year and has been the home of letters for the past 72 years, imparting the initials of knowledge to thousands of children in the region. With the encouragement of a strong parent community, locals, and alumni, the school continues to strive for innovative ways of achieving excellence. Fr. George Kazhikkachalil was the first manager, and now there are 141 students and nine teachers here. The school building was renovated in 2017–18.

10. St. Sebastian's L.P. School, Elappeetika

The school is working in a small village called Elapeetika on the border of Kannur and Wayanad districts. This school, which comes under the Iritty sub-district, started its operations in 1984. It was a lifelong desire of the people who had migrated to this area since 1944 to have a school for their children to study at. Rev. Fr. Mathew Kollitthanam, who came here as a vicar in 1982, understood the needs of the people. As a common need of the community, the school started to work in 1984. The school was merged in 1989, and the then-manager was Fr. Peter Cherukaramuttam. The school will be upgraded in 2020 and 2023. 

11. St. Thomas L.P. School, Arinchermala

St. Thomas L. P. School was established in 1983 as a result of the efforts of all the residents of Arinchermala to fill their hearts with the golden light of letters. In the early days, the school was under the Parish of Arinchermala, and in 1997, it was merged into the Corporate Educational Agency. The school building seen today was built by the efforts of Fr. Paul Edayakkondattu, the then-manager, in 2016. 

12. St.George L. P. School Ambayathod

The activities of this school started on the first day of June 1960, under the supervision and direction of Fr. John Ilamthuruthiyil. The school building was renovated in 2021 and 2023. 95 students and four teachers are in this school at present.

13. Nirmala L. P. School, Alattil

This institution was established in 1964 by Rev. Fr. George Kazhikkachalil. The school has been working as a dream of education and a medium to solve the educational backwardness of the area. In the last 57 years, many students have acquired a wealth of knowledge. While merging with the Corporate Educational Agency, the manager of the institution was Fr. Jose Karikkattukanniyil. The new building was constructed for the school in 2016, and its renovations were completed in 2023.

14. Devamatha A. L. P. School, Adikkolly  

Devamatha A. L. P. school was formed in 1982 to spread literacy in the Adikkolly area. The school was established as a dream-come-true project of Fr. Kuriakose Parambil and the Adikkolly parish community. The institution started as an unaided school and soon became an aided school. It has been 39 years since the establishment of this school under the Diocese Corporate Educational Agency, Diocese of Mananthavady, and its first manager was Fr. Mathew Paikkattu. In 2022, the school building will be renovated and presented to the locality. 

UP Schools under the Corporate Education Agency

1. St. Joseph's T.T.I., Mananthavady

Today known as St. Joseph's T. T. I., this institution was the L. P. school, which was functioning under the CSI Church. In 1956, Fr. George Kazhikkachalil took over the reins of this institution. St. George Elementary Aided School later became an UP School with the approval of the Madras Government and, in 1963, became the first teacher training centre in the Wayanad district. St. Joseph's T. T. I. was established after crossing the names of St. Joseph's Model UP School and St. Joseph's Basic Training School. 40 pupils were admitted to TTC in the early days. Most of those who got admission were from neighbouring districts. Today, it has become an institution where more than a thousand students are studying, including pre-primary.

2. St. Thomas U.P. School, Thavinjal

The school was a complete elementary school from 1944 to 1952. Later, in 1953, the school was upgraded to U.P. School, and the then manager was Fr. Joseph Kuthoor. In the beginning, this school was under the Diocese of Calicut, which in 1960 shifted to the Diocese of Thalacherry. After merging with the Corporate Educational Agency, the school has been functioning as the epitome of the agricultural village of Thavinjal. 

3. St. Mary's U.P. School, Thariyod

In 1951, Fr. Cherubin Poriyath, OCD, started this institution, and a year later the school got recognition from the government. Later, it was upgraded to Upper Primary School, and Fr. Hadrian Kalavara, CMI, became the manager and led the various developments of the school from 1952 to 1960. As a result of the hard work and cooperation of the parishioners, the school was able to construct its own building in 1954. As a result of the efforts of the school management, parents, and well-wishers, the construction of the new school building started by Fr. George Myladoor and Fr. George Kaniyamattam was completed. The school, which started with 102 students, today has nearly a thousand students studying from LKG to 7th standard.

4. St. Anthony's U.P. School, Pazhoor

On June 13, 1957, the school started its journey in the small village of Pazhoor, which lies close to the forest. It was the fulfilment of a dream born of the village's inspiration and enthusiasm. This school is the crowning achievement of the selfless efforts made by the forefathers for the upliftment and future of the entire society. Fr. Sarggese was the first manager, and in 1980 it was merged with the Corporate Educational Agency. The school was upgraded to Upper Primary School in 1983–84, and Fr. Joseph Manjuvally was the then manager. In the years 2011–12, 2013–14, 2015–16, and 2021–22, there were many renovations.

5. St. Sebastian's U.P. School, Padichira

It is the light of a great lamp that has been illuminated in the journey backstage of the fallen time, and it emanates from the lamp of knowledge of St. Sebastian's School, which was established 45 years ago by Rev. Fr. Jose Mundayckal. As a result of the tireless efforts of Rev. Fr. Sebastian Kandeth and the people of this area, the school was elevated to UP School in 1982. In 1991, it was merged into the Corporate Education Agency. The new school building was constructed in 2017.

6. St. Thomas U. P. School, Mullankolly

St. Thomas AUP School was established in 1953 as the first elementary school in Mullankolly Grama Panchayat, Wayanad district. This school started functioning under the management of St. Mary's Forane Church as a dream come true thanks to the untiring efforts and sacrifices of the migrant population. In 1978, the school was upgraded from lower primary to upper primary. This institution merged with the Corporate Educational Agency during the time of Fr. Joseph Mannur as the manager.

7. St. Anthony's U.P. School, Kottathara

Fr. Headrian started this institution as a single-teacher school in 1957. The institution is now functioning under the Corporate Education Agency, and it was upgraded to U.P. School in 1973. The roof of the school, which is 64 years old, was renovated in 2022. Along with that, the classrooms have also been renovated. The courtyard was also modified with an interlock as part of the beautification of the campus.

8. St. Sebastian's U. P. School, Kommayad

St. Sebastian's UP School was founded in 1950 by parish vicar Fr. C. J. Varkey. It started as a primary school. In 1959, the school was upgraded to Upper Primary. In 2013, the construction of the present two-story building was started with the help of the Central Government's CHRD Fund, the Corporate Educational Agency, and the teachers present in the school. Bishop Jose Porunnedom blessed the building and dedicated the school to the community.

9. St. Joseph's U. P. School Kallody

"Edachana Aided Elementary School" started with 75 students and one teacher as a result of the efforts of Kunjraman Nair, who was the cultural hero of Kallody, on June 1, 1948. Fr. Thomas Kalathil, S.J., the vicar of the parish, was taken over under his leadership and renamed St. Joseph's School. The history of this school, spanning 75 years, has had a great impact on the growth of the area. 685 students and 29 teachers are in this school.

10. St Mary's UP School Kabanigiri 

"St. Mary's UP Kabanigiri" is the result of the intense desire and efforts of the local people to provide further education to the children who have completed the 4th standard from the schools of Marakadavu and Sithamount. Built in 1972, the people put effort into making it a reality as a school. The academic activities of the school started in 1975, but the government of Kerala gave consent on June 21, 1976. The school actually started functioning on July 26, when local children who were studying in other schools were added back. The then manager was Fr. Jose Kuliranyil, and in 2002, the institute was merged with the Corporate Educational Agency. During that time, the manager was Fr. Shaji Mulakudiyankal. In 2014, a new toilet block was constructed, and a new high-tech building was blessed on May 29, 2023.

11. St. Thomas U. P. School, Idivanna

St. Thomas AUP School was established in 1982 under the Idivanna St. Thomas Church in the soil of Ernadu to mould an educated and cultured generation. Rev. Father George Kizhakkumpuram took the initiative to start the school with 53 students and 3 teachers due to the enthusiasm of the people. In 1984, it became a full-fledged UP school. In 1988, it was merged with the Corporate Education Agency. With all classrooms and smart rooms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the new building was inaugurated on May 6, 2021, by Bishop Mar Jose Porunnedam, dedicated to the locality.

12. AUP School, Dwarka

This school was established in 1953 and upgraded to a UP school in 1956–57. In 1980, the school was merged with the Corporate Educational Agency. Many renovation works were held in the school, including the construction of the computer lab in 2016–17. School gates, wall solar panels, etc. were made and established in 2020–21. Along with that, there was a staff room built in 2021. The building renovation and interlocking of the school grounds will be completed in 2023.

13. Assumption U.P. School Bathery

The school, founded in 1951 by the visionary Rev. Fr. Sarghese, who created new waves in the history of Sulthan Bathery and gave wings to dreams, has crossed 75 milestones of growth and is progressing with its high tradition and shining the light of goodness among society. After more than seven decades, this school stands as the best school in the district with 1535 students. Many renovations were held there according to the needs of the time. The new school building was constructed in 2000-2001. In 2003, kitchen and washrooms and other construction works were held in 2010, 2014, 2015, and 2019. In 2003, the kitchen was renovated and the ground was interlocked as part of the beautification of the school campus.  

14. Ambayathod U. P. School

This school was established as a result of a strong desire to avoid the situation where the students completing class 4 from Ambayathode St. George LP School had to depend on schools in distant places until 1978–79. The first manager of this school was Fr. Joseph Thuruthel. In 1990, the school was merged into the Corporate Education Agency of the Diocese of Mananthavady. In 2014, the roof of the school was reconstructed. Later in 2022, there was another renovation process. There are eight teachers and 113 students.

High Schools under the Corporate Educational Agency

1. Fr. G. K.M. High School, Kaniyaram

 The school was inaugurated on July 6, 1982, in the Church of Kaniyaram with 105 students in three divisions. The class started in the new building on March 17, 1983. In 2000, 15 classrooms were built, and many renovations were completed between 2022 and 2023. Now the school is functioning with 850 students, 31 teachers, and 5 non-teachers in 23 divisions.

2. St. Catherine's High School, Payyampally

The school was started as an elementary school in 1942 under the supervision of Fr. D'Zlva, who was the Vicar of Amalothbhavamata Church, Mananathavady. In 1953, the Corprate Educational Agency Diocese of Thalacherry took charge of this school, which became part of the Corprate Educational Agency Diocese of Mananthavady upon its formation in 1974. Fr. Joseph Vettikkuzhichalil was the first manager, and at present the school is running in the building that was constructed in 2014. In 2017, an auditorium was built, and in 2019, toilets were also constructed. The old buildings were renovated in 2021.

3. St. Thomas High School, Nadavayal

This school started functioning as the fourth high school in Wayanad on June 20, 1957, with twenty students and seven teachers. The first manager of this school was Fr. Tishyan Joseph, CMI, and it was under the Corporate Educational Agency in its pioneer days. 1012 children are studying here at this school. Serving 38 teachers and 5 non-teachers, more than ten thousand students have completed their studies and shined in various fields of life.

4. Christ King High School, Manimooly

As a dream come true for the migrant population, the higher education of the students from the school, which started functioning as UP School in 1956, was an essential part of their concept. As a result of the activities that followed, it was raised as a high school in 1964. In this academic year, there are 1523 students and 56 teachers leading them to the paths of knowledge. During 2000–03, a computer lab and, in 2016, the first floor of the school building were built. There were many renovations in 2022.

5. I. J. M. High School, Kottiyoor

Immigration Jubilee Memorial High School (IJMHS) opened on May 14, 1976, as a memorial to the immigration jubilee. The first manager of the school was Fr. Joseph Nandikatt. The school was merged with the Corporate Education Agency in 1980. The school is functioning with 25 teachers and 4 non-teaching staff in the high school section with 515 students.

6. St. Joseph's High School, Kallody

The idea of a high school in Kallody was strengthened through committee formations and discussions, which became the passion of the people in 1975, and on December 11, the same year, Rev. Fr. Joseph Memana laid the foundation stone for the high school. On June 1, 1976, a beautiful building with seven classrooms was furnished for the commencement of classes. The first batch started with 96 students. Over the years, the school has been at the forefront of the national level with remarkable achievements, with 29 teachers and 645 students. The newly constructed hi-tech building for the school was blessed by Bishop Jose Porunnedom in September 2022.

7. Nirmala High School, Kabanigiri

Nirmala High School resides on the banks of the Kabani River. The school was established in 1982, and the first manager was Fr. Vincent Thamaracherry. In 2022, a block of the school building was renovated according to the needs of the time. There are 278 students, 14 teachers, and 4 non-teaching staff in this institution.

8. Assumption High School, Sulthan Bathery

Assumption High School was established in June 1982. The foundation of this school is the foresight and leadership of Rev. Fr. Joseph Vettikuzhichal. This school was started as a girls-only school, but boys have also been admitted since 2000 as per the wishes of the parents. This school stands for the cultural unity of Wayanad by emphasising value-based education and welcoming everyone irrespective of caste and creed.

9. St. Joseph's High School, Adayckathode

An institution of higher education was the lifelong dream of the people in Adayckathode. As a result of efforts led by the then parish vicar, Rev. Fr. Abraham Kapamkunnel, a high school was established in 1982. The school initially started with 3 divisions, 101 students, 6 teachers, and 2 non-teachers. Later, the institution became a full-fledged high school in 1984–85. Now 196 children are studying in a total of six divisions. The government approved this institution as a high school in 1984–85. The newly constructed high-tech building was inaugurated by Bishop Mar Jose Porunnedom on November 20, 2022.

Higher Secondary Schools Under the Corporate Educational Agency 

 1. Christ King Higher Secondary School, Manimooly

Established in 2014, this school has always been at the forefront of academic and non-academic activities. The first manager of this school was Fr. James Kuttimackal. The new building was constructed in 2015. The two batches offered here are general science and computer commerce. The institution is functioning with 10 teachers and 236 students.

2. Fr. GKM Higher Secondary School, Kaniyaram

The school started with a commerce batch in 2014 and also allotted a science batch in 2015. Fr. George Myladoor was the first manager. The teachers and management are working together on many innovative schemes for the holistic development of the students. This institution comprises 244 students.

3. St. Catherine's Higher Secondary School, Payyampally

It is the first higher secondary school established in 1998 under the Corporate Education Agency of the Diocese of Mananthavady. Fr. Kurian Vazhayil was the first manager of the school. In 2005, new classrooms were built, and in 2021, a toilet complex was also constructed. The courses offered here are general science, computer science, humanities, and commencement. The activities of the school are notable not only in the Wayanad district but also at the state level.

4. IJM Higher Secondary School, Kottiyoor

On November 11, 2000, Bishop Mar George Njaralakkattu, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Thalacherry, laid the foundation stone of the Higher Secondary School. The first manager of the school was Fr. Chandy Chunakkattu. There are 479 students studying here in three batches, including humanities, general science, and commerce.The first batch achieved 83 percent success.

5. St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Kallody

Established in 2000, this school has more than 360 students, 18 teachers, and 2 lab assistants in three batches of general science, computer science, and commerce. The institution shines as a beacon of knowledge for many thousands in North Wayanad. The school building was built in 2001.

6. St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Nadavayal

The building with high-tech classrooms built in 2012 under the leadership of Rev. James Kunnathet was inaugurated in January for this school, which started on July 20, 2010. 360 students are studying here in Science, Commerce, and Humanities batches, served by 17 teachers and 2 lab assistants.             

The activities of the Corporate Education Agency for 42 years have shed light on many generations and could make their dream of achieving education and development better. After four decades of this journey of knowledge, today, twenty-five thousand students are studying in 44 schools, and 758 teachers and 69 non-teachers are serving under this education agency. Advancing by creating new milestones in the educational history of Wayanad district, Nilambur, and Kottiyoor regions by achieving many state and national-level recognitions through activities aimed at the holistic development of students continues its journey.


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Predecessor 1980 - 1987
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Rev.Fr. Augustine Nilakkapallil
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Rev.Fr. Jose Kocharackal
Predecessor 2005 - 2008
Rev.Fr. Mathai Pallichankudiyil
Predecessor 2014-2020
Rev.Fr. John Ponparackal

Corporate Education Board

Bishop Mar Alex Tharamangalam
Rev. Fr. Sijo Elamkunnapuzha
Corporate Manager
Rev. Msgr. Paul Mundolickal
Rev. Fr. Benny Muthirakkalayil
Rev.Fr. Jose Kocharackal

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